On The Line: With Mark Cotton [Audio 034]

On The Line: With Mark Cotton [Audio 034]

Episode 005 of ?

Welcome to another rough and ready conversation captured over the phone. 

In this episode I call Mark Cotton aka @MCFontaine at his home in Northampton.

As is the theme with this podcast, while introducing you to another supporting subscriber of the Documentally Dispatch you will also get introduced to some kind of interfering distortion or digital anomaly.

Thankfully apart from a cameo from that and some wildlife, Mark features most. We talk about his work as a freelance podcast producer, particularly the Bletchley Park Podcast. We also chat about his foray back in to music, his passion for AudioMo and Alan Moore another Northampton lad gets a mention.

Previous episodes in this mini series:

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Episode 2 with Jim Robbins.

Episode 3 with Tim LeRoy.

Episode 4 with Carolyn Jones.

If you are a supporting subscriber and would like to be on the podcast please email your phone number and best times to call. I’m working my way through a bit of a list but if I do happen to suddenly call unannounced you should know the drill by now ;-)

Thank you to Mark for joining in the fun.

Please make the time to listen to him at work as he gathers stories from a generation past and preserves them for many generations to come.

And thank you for listening.



P.S. The wasp is still somewhere in the shed.

The intro and outro in my podcasts are made using music composed by Andre Louis AKA @FreakyFwoof and Gary Terzza also known as @VoMasterClass is the announcer.
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