Mar 18, 2021 • 26M

On The Line: with Harriet Dodd [Audio 030]

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Social commentary, stories and technological adventures.
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Let us begin the experiment.

An open-ended podcast mini series with supporting subscribers of my weekly email.

It’s entitled ‘On The Line’ as unprepared and unscripted, we enter a state of uncertainty. I am also (while not able to meet face to face) recording these impromptu chats over the phone.

Episode one features Harriet Dodd, a coach and mentor specialising in non-profit organisations and social enterprise businesses across the world. In fact, it was over 2000 miles across the world where we first met.

In the audio we mention a mutual friend, a guy called Phil. That author, Journalist and surfer Phil Sands.

We also chat about Care International, the IRC and a project we were working on for the UNHCR. That can be found here Life In The Shadows.

Harriet can be contacted via her website and feel free to connect with her via LinkedIn.

If you are a supporting subscriber and would like to be on the podcast let me know. Be warned though, time is doing weird things at the moment so there may be a long wait. Either way I’d love to know you’re there and up for a recorded chat.

Many thanks to Harriet for taking part.

And thanks for listening.