Apr 15, 2020 • 18M

Documentally on Podcasting [Ep06]

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Social commentary, stories and technological adventures.
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Audio Archiving and an Introduction to Editing.

This is episode six in a six part mini series on how to podcast.

In Ep1 we asked what is a podcast and why make one?

In Ep2 we looked at format tone and finding your style.

In Ep3 we covered audio capture and tone.

In Ep4 we looked at how to write for you podcast.

In Ep5 we covered interview techniques.

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Some of the things we cover are in this episode are:

  • How to organise and archive your recordings

  • Finding the best editing app for you.

  • How to tighten your audio but keep it real

  • Where to cut and how to mix

Editing software I mention:

Audacity / GarageBand / Hindenburg / Reaper / ProTools First / Adobe Audition and what I use for editing… Ferrite Recording Studio

Podcasting hosting I mention:

Audioboom / Blubrry / Buzzsprout / Libsyn / Podbean / Simplecast / Soundcloud, Spreaker / Transistor and check out Anchor if you want to get up and running quickly with just your phone.

[None of the links in this email are affiliate links.]

I am very grateful to those that contributed to this podcast. I invited four male and three female audio professionals from my Twitter lists but guessed it would be hard for many to participate. One friend I have known for 20 years was sick with Corvid-19. Thankfully he has since recovered.

So many thanks to Mark Cotton, Manoli Moriaty and Patrick Perdue who responded and submitted audio clips. Please click their names to find out more about them.

Podcast music resources mentioned by Manoli were Filmstro / Ben Sounds and Free Music Archive.

I also used music from both Andre Louis and Ketsa.

I have already mentioned that I edit in Ferrite. It’s only when you get the shortcuts set to your liking that you feel the real power of this amazing app.

Watch this video through and see if this is the kind of workflow that might appeal to you.

(Thanks Al Power for bringing this video to my attention.)

Here is a video of the workflow for Audacity and here is one for Reaper.

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My parts of this podcast were recorded in my shed during the Corvid-19 lockdown of 2020. I used Zoom H6 and a Rode NT4 and edited in Ferrite on a first edition iPad Pro.

Thanks for listening. Normal(ish) service shall resume soon.

Please share and take care.