Documentally on Podcasting [Ep01]

Documentally on Podcasting [Ep01]


What is a podcast and why make one?

In this episode we talk about the difference about podcasts and social audio.

Why sometimes you might just want to get your audio out there as quick as possible.

I also discuss some of the benefits audio has as a vehicle for your story or information.

Plus I mention the app VRP7 and foam microphone windshields.

For homework i’d like you to write down a podcast outline:

  1. Write down the title of your show…

  2. Then write down what your show is about…

  3. Then write what someone might expect…

  4. And then write down why someone should listen…

i.e. This podcast is called Documentally on Podcasting. It shows you how to start a podcast from scratch and on it you will hear tips and tricks about podcast planning, capture, creation and dissemination. You should listen if you are looking for an informal no fuss guide on how to start your own podcast.

Please post any questions or your podcast outline in the comments below.

Thank you for listening. 

And if you think someone else might be interested in this series please let them know.

Over to you.

In Ep2 we look at format tone and finding your style.

In Ep3 we cover audio capture and tone.

In Ep4 we look at how to write for you podcast.

In Ep5 we cover interview techniques.

In Ep6 we cover audio archiving and an intro to editing.

Social commentary, stories and technological adventures.