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Great Hydrangea - very red. Is it yours?

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Great post, Christian - thank you.

As one of the sinister persuasion I couldn't resist the left-handedness test you'd linked to! Results are as follows:

The laterality index for this respondent is: -100.00

The respondent is in the 10th left decile

The augmented (15 item) index is: -73.33

I was initially disappointed to realise that I'm right-moused - but that's to leave my left hand free to DO stuff. And I ALWAYS hold my drink in my right hand... for the same reason. 🤣

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Loving the amusing street photography, thank you

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Hmmm. Worth a punt :-) Nearly rode a motorbike in Namibia. But covid cancelled the trip. Never been to that part of Africa.

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Coincidentally I have a cousin who has moved to Namibia. I may be able to encourage her to follow you, if you were to expand your interests to big game, deserts, nightclubbing and techno music, and (crucially) tractors.

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