Ways of being [244]

Greetings from my shed...


The weekend is close by. The chance for us to step away from the pixels, or whatever occupies your standard weekday.

As I hammer out this email I’m smiling. Not a weird mad smile. A why am I telling you this smile.

Here are a few things both pixelated and analogue that occupied my week.

If you listened to the 27th Documentally dispatch podcast [from a couple of days ago] you’ll know what happened on my ride to Hunstanton. Well yesterday I got to take another short trip. This time with Christian Hambly the newest member of the motorbike club Hells Nerds. We met at a Hotel Chocolate outlet store to officially launch the UK Chapter. We grabbed coffee, a sack of bargain chocolate and I handed Christian his membership patch.

We then rode North to MotoEdit a Motorbike workshop as I plan drop the bike in there for some mods.

As a subculturalist I love how Hells Nerds can scratch the two itches of being nerdy and craving motorcycle adventures. Although as I took some tech with me, HAM Radio was also covered. Not sure why amateur radio is not listed on Wikipedia as a subculture. If it was I’d get to tick off 13 separate interests. [How about you?]

Christian aka Freelance Geek is currently working on a simple website for the Hells Nerds MC and I have knocked up this temporary logo which is blatantly modified from an aircraft engine manufacturer who briefly made motorbikes in the 20’s.

I’ve got some rough ideas for a more legit logo but if I can confirm this is no longer licensed I might modify it a little more and make it ours. The website is a work in progress so check back as things develops. We are looking for members for some socially distanced outdoor adventures.

The rest of the week has been steeped in autumn rituals like waterproofing boots…

I’m still using a tin of mink oil [not made of minks] that I inherited from my Father who died in 1990. It’s finally getting low so I have also invested in this beeswax ‘leather nourisher’ as a back up.

…And what could be more autumnal than pumpkin picking?

If you can name all these pumpkin varieties I will give you 30 days free access to all the 244 Documentally Dispatches including the podcasts and workshop resources. Or don’t forget you can subscribe for less than the price one large pumpkin latte a month.

This week I also helped my lad with his homework.

Been listening to this during said rituals…

And watching this…

If this advert doesn’t make you want to drink gin, nothing will.

Thanks to Siim Teller for linking me this video

This game is lovely… Wish it was on iOS.

For the Love of Peat was an fascinating podcast I listened to this week that taught me a lot about carbon sequestration. Honestly, it’s more interesting than I made it sound.

Here is your deep thinking for the week.

While we wait for reality to update…

I hope you have time for one more story… Not from me. But from the incredible @RupertHowe, his amazing wife @KateDimbleby and their new project Stornaway.io. This is the link HERE. Did you click the link? Or did you not click the link? Seriously click the link. But the choice is yours.

[Waves hand] These are the links you’re waiting for.

To many of you a pinback button will be better known as a badge. I had a massive collection of these as a kid. Most of them would sit on my canvas army satchel or the lapels of a stonewash denim shirt. No idea where they are now. I defiantly had this prismatic MSG badge.

If this is one email in your weekly deluge that you actually like getting, I’m glad. If you enjoy this email enough to hit the red button and pay a little every month to subscribe then I’m REALLY happy. Seriously. It means a lot.

One day when it’s easier to be close to others, perhaps we can get together and chat about all the things that move us, that we like, that we’ve learned. Or maybe we can just share a bottle and laugh at the world.

We humans fight change and thus fight life. Most misery lies in the effort to preserve something—someone’s love, wealth, a new sofa, a child’s charm, a talent that is fading. Let them go, let them go. Every effort to preserve something blocks the arrival of something new that might enrich life.~ My friend George.

Next week is half term. Yes! I get to sleep in a bit and do lots of childish stuff with the kids instead of on my own. I’ll also be test driving some electric cars, walking in the woods, eating with my eyes closed, popping the cork on some wine and laughing at the world.

Follow the road not taken,

See you out there.