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FWIW I think newer road bikes are being influenced by gravel bikes with tyre clearance going up and up. Quite a few now accept 30mm tyres or even 32mm. I have a 1997 Cannondale and when I bought some cheap new wheels on sale a couple of years ago I ended up with tubeless ready ones - didn't think about it at the time and set them up with tubes and used the 23mm tyres from the old wheels. Anyway when those tyres died recently I got some Schwalbe One tubeless tyres (cheapest decently reviewed ones I could find) 25mm is the biggest the old Cannondale can fit. This made a huge difference as I can run these at lower pressures, around 70-75psi vs 90+ in a tube setup. Still not going to be a smooth as a gravel bike with 35+mm tyres and more relaxed geometry and greater compliance but a huge upgrade over the old rims, 23mm tyres, and 90 or 100+psi pressures.

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Yes I think you are right. Even the Bianchi looked like it might take something wider.

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I am totally sold on the cortado explainer and I tend to prefer stronger coffees. I find coffees in this country generally too weak, but adding an extra shot makes them too strong even for me, so the trick is in the proportions. When you mix coffee and milk and froth, as in making a cappuccino you also need to take care of the temperature. Again, most cafes get it wrong - the coffee is too hot, and the froth dissolves instantly. I was told the perfect temperature is around 60C for the milk in your cappuccino to get the most of its natural sweetness. I swear, a perfect cappucino is sweet enough on its own. Amazing how they do it so well in Italy. But I digress..

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