Another great post, Christian - thank you for such an interesting read!

I'm no Michel Lochito (didn't they call him 'Mr Mange-tout?'), but in my days of making glass art I used to keep my cup of tea next to my workbench - an absolute no-no. One day, after using a rod of glass particularly susceptible to thermal shock, a large jagged-edged crumb of the stuff landed in my half-full mug without my noticing. In due course I swirled the remaining tea around and downed the lot, feeling the crumb in all its scratchy glory on its way down my neck.

Off I went to Minor Injuries. 'Swallowed GLASS? Can't deal with that. Go to the bigger hospital immediately, and present yourself at A&E .'

A&E told me that actually my body would take care of things, and to go home and enjoy the rest of my day. I'm glad to report that I had no ill effects. After that I took to keeping my cuppa on top of my kiln - away from flying glass, and with the added benefit of the tea staying warm for HOURS. πŸ˜‰

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Wow. Thanks for sharing. That’s amazing. The body is amazing. I think my body must have done the same :-)

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