As I was reading the email Christian, where you were talking of the stash of tapes and photos you're rediscovering and thinking through the stories which you'll include in your book, it dawned on me… You're a multimedia production machine going back decades.

Are you intending on trying something a little different but still the same, as just writing a book? There will be a digital version of it certainly, so why not include all the other media around the words, and even as we read the dead tree version we all have our iPhones within reach and a sneaky little QR code to take us to your voice or an image from 30 years ago. I know some of these ideas have been used since the early days of blogging but how effortless and creative can you make it?

I think there are possibilities different from just being a book of text with a few images in the centre but also not 40,000 word version of a 'Life' magazine article or an overbearing blog post filled with interminable distractions. I wonder what you might come up with???

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