Who am I?

I’m Christian Payne, or @Documentally in online places. A story making, picture taking, writer, photographer and podcaster.

If I was to summarise this dispatch in one word it would be ‘Exploration’.

Allowed more words I’d add that while we might examine how social trends shape the way people interact, connect, and share stories. I am also particularly interested in exploring how personal identity is shaped by new and unconventional ideas.

So there will be some science, technology, art, and culture. But there will also be some self-reflection as I strive to find happiness and pleasure in the simple things.

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"Why do I follow Documentally? Information. Golden nuggets of practical advice, from proper reviews on anything from hiking boots to pencil sharpeners (Honestly that pencil sharpener is brilliant!). I work predominantly in the community, and I love reading the intimate conversations that Christian has with the people he comes across. It's the curiosity and kindness that I want to see more of in the world, especially when the world is at times very grim. This beautifully curated newsletter always arrives at the right time.” ~ @CRPitt 

“I thoroughly recommend it, it’s full of personality and humanity, and a whole bunch of really practical stuff too…” ~ @garethjms 

“Documentally by Christian Payne – an excellent Etch-a-Sketch® swipe of perspective and inspiration that punctuates my week. Serendipitous connection, great journalism, social commentary, life experience, technological adventure, whiskey. What more do you need?” ~ @FellowCreative

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“Now more than ever I want a human curator not just to sift the wheat from the chaff, but to actually choose some real gems for me. For me. What I’m looking for is a curator with an emotional intelligence and informed curiosity and they are rare as rare can be. I’ve resisted using the term Gonzo because everyone thinks that means getting wasted HST style but thank you for putting a lot of you into what you do. I’ll take your journalistic balance as a given and not just sit back and enjoy being pointed in very interesting directions, but also enjoy being encouraged to get out into the world and see, smell, taste and feel it for real.” ~ @Timleroyis

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