Truth seekers, lovers and warriors [223]

Greetings from my shed...

This is me during an eyeball with a friend.

We coordinated the meeting over FM. An analogue radio conversation carried on the wind between two cheap walkie talkies. As far as I know there were no trolls waiting to pounce and no marketing companies applying sentiment analysis before scraping the data.

It’s possible people were listening. It was, after all, a shared experience.

Despite feeling over immersed in Twitter this week, my screen time is still lower than usual. I have been busy offline but outside the sporadic moment I’ve not felt focused.

One highlight was heading over to my childhood stomping ground and meeting up with my oldest friend Carl. He brought another mate from school as a surprise, Pete.

In his pocket was my old Swiss army knife. Thirty something years ago it was my EDC. Back in the day when you could carry a knife at school and no one cared. It had been traded around and ended up with Pete. But he knew I’d remember it.

I love that battered and worn, it’s still in use. Objects and their stories.

The three of us regressed, retraced our steps and had the kind of adventure normal for a kid. It involved climbing, creeping, trespass and revisiting places once alive with the roar of engines and crowds.

Today our past is overgrown, abandoned and mostly forgotten.

Deep in old stories and lost in the moment we were spotted and had to scarper.

And there we were, scrambling, sweating, running at full pelt and giggling like we were thirteen again.

I still have some diaries from when I was a kid. There were ups and downs but I remember at thirteen writing that it was '“…by far the best year for being alive.”

pagoda is more of a fancy shed with a pointy roof, walls and a floor, whereas a pergola can have a roof but is most often seen with a slatted open top. It’s largely a pointless garden feature begging to have aerial masts bolted to it. This way it would at least have a physical use and not just be there to ‘tie the garden together’.

Anyway. We now have a pergola.

It sits there, looking like the miraculous survivor of an airstrike — while tying the rubbled ex-patio to the soggy garden.

As I learn more about garden design I realise it’s way down on my list of ‘fun things to do’.

But I shall persevere.

I seem to have a lot of things on the go but still beat myself up over procrastination. Tidying without out making progress is something i’m currently good at. Every thing says something. Every object has a story.

Found this behind a bookshelf.

It’s the last sticker from a batch I commissioned Magiprint to make about 15 years ago. I made them to remember Hunter S. Thompson. When work was slow I used to sell the stickers on eBay for a fiver.

One day I got a letter from Hunter’s residence. I wondered if it was going to be a ‘cease and desist’.

It turns out that Hunter’s Son bought three stickers for the family cars and his Wife Jennifer wrote to say thanks.

I often wonder what HST might have thought of America right now. Then I found a copy of Adbusters from 2003 and he spoke from the grave.

I’ve just taxed my motorbike and am now pining to get out on a ride. Although I fancy a slow casual one.

Nothing like this.

Another friend got his callsign this week. Gordon @125f8 is now M7TOG (he took the photo at the top of this email).

Here’s a little insight to the world of HAM Radio.

New tool.

It’s an antenna analyser and is such a niche item I will hide what it does behind this link …as most of you will never need to know.

If you fancy catching up on my recent #AudioMo posts I plan to drop a special end of month post out to supporting members in the mean time here are the last six…

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On day 18 I used the Shure 520 DX bullet mic for harmonica but had never really considered it as a vocal mic till I saw this [video].

Paid work feels like something that happened in a pest life. At least I have this weekly email. Thank you to those that subscribe. If you get something out of it please tell someone. Who knows, they may even subscribe.

Finally I’m up to loaf nine of fifty and had my first bread related injury. I never considered the strains kneading can exert on the body.

Got a decent crumb though.

Now for the links…

  • I’m working my way through the history of American slavery from the 1619 podcast from the New York Times. It’s well produced and if you can’t find the time to read a book on the subject this is the next best thing.

  • They Used Smartphone Cameras to Record Police Brutality—and Change History

  • “Amazon will not be accepting wooden dollars.” Have you also noticed that they have stopped listing some items out for delivery?

  • The 1619 Project.

  • Not sure I understand the term Holographic VR meeting. Surely if you can interact with a hologram you are augmenting a virtual reality. I thought a hologram had to be projected but I guess it’s being projected into the retina. Of course we’ll soon just call it a meeting. Unless Zoom get involved. Which means they will because they want ALL your data. Plus you’ve never been Zoom bombed till you’ve been VR Zoom bombed by a guy wielding a chainsaw.

  • Save Internet Freedom. If there is any left.

  • Ad free borderless journalism.

  • Thanks to Adrian for sending this fascinating video explainer for the Lamphone.

  • A Mongolian mystery solved.

  • The Humanity Archive. A podcast and a community.

    For children, childhood is timeless. It is always the present. Everything is in the present tense. Of course, they have memories. Of course, time shifts a little for them and Christmas comes round in the end. But they don’t feel it. Today is what they feel, and when they say ‘When I grow up,’ there is always an edge of disbelief—how could they ever be other than what they are?” ~ Ian McEwan

Thanks for reading.

Next week I’ll be dropping in on Orwell.

Live all the days.