No memory is ever alone [268]

Greetings from my kitchen table...

Round here it’s all picnics and parties, fun and games.


My lad is 12 years old today. Some of you will remember him being born. We might need to rethink the name @Minimentally. He’ll be as tall as me soon.

I wish I’d bought him a Bitcoin back then. They only cost 0.0025 cents each. I would probably have risked a tenner. Last night it crossed the $60,000 mark. Work it out. He’d have been pleased with that.

With two birthday’s pretty close together the garden bar is also now officially open. Or at least it was on those weirdly warm days this week.

We made the most of it. Bike rides, road trips with the kids and for the first time in a while, metal detecting. I was asked to metal detect someones property in search of a lost wedding ring.

The owner of the ring was a fencer and did his job so well there was no room to manoeuvre between the newly erected fence and a hedge. I did what I could but all I found was a handful of screws. We have arranged that I return when the hedge is cut back enough to continue the search.

If you have a field I can detect in, let me know. We can split the treasure (screws and bottle caps) 50/50.


I didn’t mean to chop the wheels off in this photo. I was knackered after having found a rare Cambridgeshire hill.

The rough farm tracks are hard going on the Brompton. As well as my bum. I’m very much looking forward to my new gravel bike arriving at some point this month. If you have never considered one check out this video.


Earlier in the week, while everyone else was in bed, I allowed myself a little time to read a book over breakfast. I only just allowed myself though, as while I was sat scanning the words, part of my brain was thinking of all the other ‘more productive’ things I could or should be doing. This is of course all bollocks, as with no real work (outside of this email and keeping the family fed and watered) I am lucky to have very few responsibilities. And even if I did, why should I feel guilty when not doing something more ‘productive’?

There are many benefits to not saying, sharing or doing stuff all the time. Re-engaging with the moment is reconnecting with yourself.

If you can sit, just sit. Breathe, meditate, soak in a bath, walk or take a lazy ride nowhere in particular. I’m really looking forward to getting back on a train. To rest my head on the window, perhaps with headphones in as I watch the world go by. I doubt I can totally quiet the mind with a phone to hand. There is always that inner voice asking to check email or whispering “why don’t you tweet this?”. And sometimes I will. But most days I’m thinking, nah. I’ll save it for the email. ;-)

Thanks to Tim for sharing this love letter to the lyrics of Kindling by Elbow.

Always judge a book by its cover


In the latest instalment of my On The Line mini podcast series, I make a few unannounced (and therefore unsuccessful calls) to some supporting subscribers of this dispatch till finally someone picks up.

And if you prefer a well produced podcast then I can heartily recommend this instalment of The SoundFackery Podcast featuring Mike @Sizemore

Check out this musical time machine.


This has been started today. A vanilla bean cake with biscoff.

It’s insane. For scale those macaroons on the bottom are the standard size and the ones on the top are giant. I have no idea when this might get finished, but i’ll be sure offer it out to anyone within shouting distance. If it were cheese i’d have no problem.

And I have found a new cheese. Tête de Moine.

There was certainly a familiarity about it but till now I have never known it’s name. If we keep having trade issues with Europe I might have to become a professional cheese smuggler. At least Tête de Moine is on the safe list. Do read the linked article though. There are some great cheese smuggling tips.

Sipping space wine.


I bought a power amplifier off eBay knowing it would not work with my radio. Who does that? Amateur radio folk, that’s who. The original hackers, makers, tinkerers. Someone somewhere has a fix or a modification to make your device compatible or just better. And although this particular fix looked pretty simple, I trust my friend Andy with a brand new amp more than I trust myself. So I gave it to him.

And here it is with the discrete little modification in the top right.

Three components under the heat shrink fit nicely in the case and means that this amp will now talk to my Icom ic-705. If you are interested in knowing exactly what it does, [nurd alert] …it fixes keying issues for radios that output lower switching current.

If your laptop camera is a bit naff you can use your phone as a webcam with this app.

Nike sued MSCHF over a collaboration with singer Lil Nas X and their ‘Satan Shoes’.

I can’t remember if they sued anyone over the Jesus shoes that MSCHF released back in 2019 but If I wore Nike then i’d deffo go for these. I’d take the medallion off as that would annoy me, but these would be much easier to keep clean. Unless the blood leaked from the sole. That would certainly leave interesting footprints.


I made this spot to thank paying subscribers. Folks like Tim Edwards (thanks Tim) that drop the $5/month to get all the emails, the podcast and access to the archives. Understandably supporter numbers have dropped during the pandemic. If you have been on the fence and can stretch to the £3.61/month, please hit the red button and upgrade to a supporting subscriber.

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Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and thanks in advance if you plan to support this dispatch going forward.



Thank you for reading. And subscribing. Also for that fleeting moment you considered supporting this email. Remember what I said here.

Next week is still half term. Just colder.

Right now I’m off to overindulge with everyone else. Have a great weekend!

You flounder through life, struggling desperately so you won't drown, even though you would float if you'd just relax. ~ Natsuki Takaya


See you out there.


This is a real advert from my local rag.

[My back of a napkin calculation says you could buy 6400 bitcoins for a tenner back in 2009. At time of writing that tenner would be worth about £278,400,000]