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The evolution of the Documentally Newsletter

So what’s all this then?

A quick update to tell you the new Documentally Newsletter will be coming soon.

As an experiment I have decided to put Patreon on the back burner and give Substack a chance.

Substack is an email newsletter platform that seems much simpler than some of the crowdfunding models out there. I aim to be tweeting/blogging/podcasting and vlogging less in other channels and focusing on email. Among other things it feels more personal and you guys have always been good at responding.

I’m not sure if this change means that supporters will be getting more emails. Perhaps just more content in a single email. (Please feed back your thoughts.)

In order to make my newsletter sustainable and avoid burnout it will be free every other week. In-between I’ll write for those wishing to support my content creation and curation.

The next issue [123] will only go to supporters and will look almost identical to my original newsletter. Expect the usual what I did/saw/wrote/heard/consumed/acquired plus links etc. It may also be the last numbered issue.

(Issue 123 contains content covering ebikes/camping gear/mobile data/current blogging kit/weird drinks/health foods etc.

Normal subscribers will get:

  • Two free emails for every month

Paying subscribers will get:

  • Four emails every month (the 2 free ones plus 2 exclusive to them)

  • Sporadic bonus content like training videos or tech reviews

  • Invites to meet-ups

  • Other perks to be decided

I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible. Ideally I’d like one rich benefactor to pay my mortgage and bills so I can roam the world sharing stories to anyone who’ll listen.

Christian Payne@Documentally

Wanted: A rich benefactor to pay my mortgage and bills so I can roam the world sharing stories to anyone who’ll listen.

[Please share to any rich benefactors.]

August 28, 2018
But wouldn’t we all.

If you wish to support my work but are unable to pay for subscription for any reason please talk to me. Otherwise I hope to see you on the other side.

The first supporter only email is imminant. It might take me some time to figure out a workflow with the new CMS so please hang in there.

Thanks again for subscribing and please encourage others to do the same.

Let me know if you need anything. I can also answer questions on twitter @Documentally

See you soon?

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